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How to publish a blog post on numerous bookmark services simultaneously?

Many people are searching for content on the big bookmarking services like Digg, Delicious, Technocrati etc. That's why you should enable these people to find your content on these services.  Many Bloggers are publishing their content only on a few bookmark services, but your content has to be there, where somebody searches for it. Using a service like SocialPoster, you can gain more traffic for your blog or website in a very time saving way because you can share your content on over 200 bookmarking sites at the same time. Apart from gaining more traffic, this is an easy approach to increase your link popularity through creating backlinks on the popular bookmarking sites which is not very unimportant for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Of course you need to create accounts on all services one time, but mostly you can easily log in with your  Facebook, Twitter or Yahoo credentials. Then you only have to type in the post URL, the title, a small text and very important the relevant tags! 

Feel free to add better, easier or different services in a comment! Also all other suggestions or thoughts are welcome...

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