The Perception Gap between Customers and Companies concerning Social Media

Of course more and more companies try to reach their customers and potential new costumers via social media plattforms. The IBM Global Business Services
Executive Report "From social media to Social CRM: What customers want"now shows that customers who follow brands on social media plattforms are not as enthusiastic as companies would like them to be. If the companies really want to benefit from these contacts in order use Social Media as a CRM channel they should be aware of a few facts. Especially of an existing perception gap. The facts:

So who is using Social Media:
Now let's look at how many companies are using Social Media:

The reasons consumer use Social Media:
The perception gap:
So it is obvious, that there is a huge gap between the reasons customers interact with companies and the perception of the companies. But especially the last graphic gives a lot of hints for companies to improve their social media portfolio.

You can find the full report here.

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