Neuromarketing Webinar provided by The Nielsen Company

At the moment Nielsen and NeuroFocus (a Nielsen company) provide a very interesting Video of a Webinar which deals with Neuromarketing. Practical examples of the retail industry are used to demonstrate how Neuromarketing can be used in a real business enviroment, e.g. shelf performance optimization for Miller beer. A Video of the Webinar is available on the Nielsen website and also a PDF with the used slides is provided. The webinar and the document are provided for free, so you can just check it out if it is interestung for you. You only have to sign up to see the video and to download the PDF.

The descrition of the Webinar:

"The application of neuroscience to traditional marketing activities has yielded very interesting results around the influence of “non-conscious” factors on purchasing decisions. This webinar explores new developments in neuromarketing research and understanding consumer decision-making – including brainwave, eye tracking and skin conductance measures. With a focus upon the role that attention, emotion and memory play within the brain, we will uncover new methods of creating awareness, generating persuasive communications and designing novel packaging and merchandising landscapes.

Areas of special interest include:
  • Which non-conscious factors can yield greatest impact on purchase behavior
  • How the shopper “path to purchase” environment can be influenced through a multi-sensory approach
  • The brands and/or product categories that are leading the way with this new approach, and how you can benefit from their breakthroughs"

Here is the link where you can find the webinar.


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